10 Reasons to Invest Time and Money in SEO

So what’s all the fuss about investing time and capital into SEO?
Search engine optimization can be done by anyone … or it’s too expensive … or there are too many scams out there and far too many sites. So why invest into it if anyone can do it, or if its expensive, or if many “SEO experts” are in fact rookies in the industry?
Because it works, and a good SEO professional is invaluable. SEO works on billions of searches every single day. Not only can you make much more money with an optimized page, you also have the opportunity to receive both passive and direct income on one or dozens of sites.
SEO is the craze, and for good reason. With such an importance set on keywords known, few have entirely mastered it. And no, not anyone can do SEO. It takes years experience and often that time can be better spent on your own business.
This article points out 10 big reasons to invest your time and money into search engine optimization. And it also points out the success you can expect.

10 Reasons to Invest Time and Money in SEO

10 Reasons to Invest Time and Money in SEO

1. SEO=Value=Exposure=Money
SEO is all about value. Time is valuable, of course money is valuable, but in the online world, with so many different ways to get noticed, I think exposure is the #1 benefit of utilizing an SEO campaign. Exposure means getting more hits, and that’s directly connected to your business. You want hits, visitors clicking your site, and it isn’t easy.

2. SEO Isn’t Easy
I mentioned some think SEO is a scam or so easy anyone can do it. Those are both myths, but some SEO companies are better than others, and of course as in any business some are less reputable than others. However, with the time you will take in learning the complicated world of search engine optimization, you can easily make more money focusing on your own business goals.

3. SEO Passive Income
Passive income is becoming the #1 reason in some ways to go online with your business. And business doesn’t always mean selling something; it can mean informing. If you like books, a simple keyword rich site can attract millions of book readers. You can sell books via affiliate links, or simply use Google Adsense. But say you want your home pages to really stand out. Easy. Hire an SEO expert and watch your hits double and triple.

4. SEO Direct Income
Direct income is in my mind the simple way to profit. You should try to get both passive and direct income, but in some businesses one is more valuable than the other. Selling something requires more of an investment, so if you want to start a small capital business reviewing things or using affiliate links, passive income is the route. However, direct income can often turn out to be much more than passive, especially when one direct sale can be worth 100 or 1,000 clicks of a mouse. That means one sale of an expensive product could be worth far more than a passive income focused site/blog with lots of hits.

5. SEO Saves You Time
SEO, again, is time consuming but not for rookies. It may take a SEO expert a third of the time or less that it would take you to get a page right. They may charge fees, but with this time you can focus on your business.

6. SEO is a Low  Investment for High Gain
SEO, especially when focused on passive income or low priced direct products, is a simple process compared to starting your own business in the real world. We are talking online now. A brick and mortar store costs tens of thousands, an online business a fraction of that.

7. Experts Abound
Experts on SEO come in volume, so you don’t have to hire the $300/hour expert. While going cheap isn’t always the way to go, SEO can be less expensive when considering several different potential services.

8. Once You’re Ranked
Once you get ranked highly via an optimized page, you’re business will become widely known. That leads to profits. While your page ranking may fluctuate, a good SEO page will maintain a steady flow of buyers and if your business grows many of these will be repeat buyers. Still, once you get ranked you still need support, new optimization of current pages, brand new pages, and new efforts. You can’t rest your sales on one TV commercial spot in ten years, so don’t expect the same with SEO.

9. Global
SEO is global. A click of the mouse and your online store/service is within reach from New Orleans Louisiana to London England to South America. Rankings are not just for one country. This is the world, and there are lots of customers for pages which get ranked.

10. Success!
SEO is about success in the finale. SEO is not about spending thousands, but making tens of thousands. One of the best reasons to hire out for a quality SEO service is simply because it can make your business succeed much faster.

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