5 Best Adsense Niches and the Reality of Affiliate Marketing Topics

5  Best Adsense Niches and the Reality of Affiliate Marketing Topics - Google Adsense itself has become a boom for online marketers wanting to cash in with the simple use of words. “Work from home and make thousands a day” is the type of ad we’re seeing from keyword searches and ad placement. Overall, they probably hurt the industry more than help it.
However, Adsense is a capital business, and a prime one to actually write on. There are literally thousands of sites, blogs, and eBooks writing about the subject right now. So what makes this article different? It offers careful truths on succeeding with Google Adsense, but also the reality that Google is paying publishers high rates for certain keywords, some incredibly high. While the 5 best niches do change from time to time, as do the rates, let’s go over some of the top paying niches and then move on to topics themselves. Some of these exceed $50 CPC.

5  Best Adsense Niches and the Reality of Affiliate Marketing Topics

1. Law

Law itself has a global search of 30 million a year. Big number, isn’t it? Lawyer has 9 million. If you do know some of these topics, especially hot keywords like bankruptcy, you stand a chance to earn high CPC rates.

2. Financial

Financial may actually be the better keyword here. It’s got a lot of weight in searches across the board. Some lists will rate it as #1 for Adsense. You have “finance cars” and “finance careers” ranking highly. Refinance and loans are both big keywords to use in any market, namely for home owners and car buyers. These make the list as two of the better keywords to use in any category.

3. Web Domains and Hosting

This is where the internet boom really began, with sites like Network Solutions selling domains cheaply. When you think about it, web host and domains are quite the keywords to use, and interesting to write on. All sites, obviously, need some form of domain and hosting. With every new business, a new domain and hosting package is bought.

4. Travel

Travel is in line with finance for simply broad selection of options. It’s always been a hot content topic. Keyword articles on travel to just about anywhere continuously rank high on search engines. Travel as a keyword itself almost eclipses 200 million searches yearly. It also has a host of high ranking keywords of 100,000 searches or more. Who’s buying here? Travel agencies, airlines, and a variety of states and countries looking for some tourism dollars.

5. Dating

Dating isn’t on a lot of lists right now for top 5 niche Adsense topics, but it’s really an industry growing in leaps and bounds. We’ve all seen dating programs going online more and more, from eHarmony to Cupid. This is a more natural search for the consumer to use.

The Reality:

Finally, do you really want to create a site around these topics? They’re hot buttons for Adsense and other affiliate marketing sites, but also full of scam artists and “get rich quick” schemes. However, these topics can be honed quite a bit. Dating could be changed to marriage or relationship writing. Finance could be about surviving lay off or simply using the best online tax service. Medical wasn’t mentioned, and mental health and addiction topics are gaining weight in the web world.
The reality is, write on what you know about, but be mindful of your keywords. If you’re developing a site, don’t make it another ad full site with “lose 100 pounds” posts. Make it more like an editorial page, with some advertisements but also unbiased opinions.
Lastly, this article didn’t even go over branding. Brand names are key searches; a recent statistic by a web marketing company pointed out consumers, when searching for products, search with a brand name more than 50% of the time. So instead of pop, let’s talk Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

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