AdSense Ads On Your Blog and RSS

RSS is a XML format document organizes the content in new stores from different sources into a single source. Think of it as a television station, type of thing works on the bottom of the cable channels. Much of the new “items can be found on any non-major news portal got there through the RSS feed. Google introduced a specific program, called AdSense for RSS. While currently beta testing currently (mid 2005) you can join now and start making money with it. RSS offers a variety of interesting content options that most sites can not adapt. Google AdSense for feeds has created its own policy.
AdSense Ads On Your Blog and RSS
Blogs RSS feeds such concepts than they usually have one author rather than sources of accumulated material in them. A blog (short for web logs) are simple web pages where you can write articles and other content from different individuals, known and unknown use these online journals to share their thoughts, photos were published, and so on. The public can see and comment on content, in most cases.

Given the significant amounts – and unlimited range – of the contents of your blog, it may make sense to place AdSense ads on them. In fact, it’s much easier to generate revenue from blogging, unlike other sites, at least in theory.
  • First, blogs are full of content that is original time. Content may not be “good” regarding human reader, but is generally good, according to scan Google. Therefore, obtaining permission from Google AdSense may be easier.
  • Ddisplayed on the blog, in many cases is quite different, which, unlike the sites must be “something” could be released from all and blogs. Therefore, the ability of Google ads targeted to relevant may increase.
Google AdSense works only with those sites already indexed by Google. Blogs get indexed far more easily than regular pages. Blogs are indexed only two or three days after filing. Therefore, the probability increases approved by Google Adsense.

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