B2B Marketers Have a Budget of Time and Money: SEO Marketing With a Budget

B2B Marketers Have a Budget of Time and Money: SEO Marketing With a Budget
SEO marketers do have a budget, and that might be you. Running a creative business online is often better when you have nerves of steel and can work overtime. B2B marketing, however, is something that with time does become easier - especially when you understand the importance of unique search engine marketing itself. This guide focuses on the B2B SEO marketing effort, with an eye on saving time and making more money.

Uniqueness is Quite Important:

Search engine buyers come in all shapes and sizes, but businesses looking to make more money in the B2B field often don’t have the right SEO campaign going. Their landing pages are loaded with too many keywords hurting them on search engines … or their press releases published online are full of oddities and typos … or the simply don’t stand out as a unique business offering a unique product/service to other businesses.  Really, though, the best customers you will ever find online are the ones in the B2B field .They are often already searching for other companies to work with. And how are they doing that? SEO.

SEO Elements:

First, if your potential B2B online buyer is using a search engine, they want something. They just need to find your site and landing page to be converted.  This is all voluntary: they want to buy a product or service. It’s non-intrusive.  On the website MarketingToday.com, Paul J. Bruemmer points out this clear point, noting that “search marketing is non-intrusive … because potential buyers who find your B2B offerings through search engines are looking for your products and services.” Make sense? You aren’t some annoying pop up ad or a banner promising them millions if they click. They found you online via  a search.


You have a budget; your clients have a budget. Often within your buyer’s company will be more than one person making purchases. You want to appeal on many levels, but also make it clear your product/service is unique. There are competitors, and buyers simply finding your site is only half the battle. In the same article on MarketingToday.com, it’s noted these aren’t immediate buys like sending a payment via Paypal online. It takes time.

Saving Your Time and Money:

You have a budget too! This is all relative and theory at this point, but if you have no budget or a million-dollar budget, you can save money and time if you understand the importance and power of SEO. SEO brings them to your site. Some major B2B companies go to major SEO firms to write all their website copy. Others have  their own copywriting team. Some simply cannot afford to spend so much money on designing a site, and try to do it all themselves. By reading articles like this, you’re beginning to understand, hopefully, SEO is not only important but also not hard to learn. The best way to save money is to do the writing yourself, but that costs you time which may be better spent somewhere else. That’s your decision, but you may want to consider hiring a solo SEO writer for a smaller fee than a bigger SEO firm, as you get a more personal service. There are thousands of talented copywriters online who can work with you without taking your entire budget.

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