Building And Getting Traffic To Monetize Information Websites

If you don’t already have a website, you probably find the thought of getting one quite daunting.  But once you start, it can be hard to stop creating them – especially when every single one can be earning you money.
Building a website can be time consuming, and if you sell goods on your site you’ve got the job of packing and dispatching them once they are purchased.  Surely there must be an easier way to earn some money without the hassle of buying and selling?
You’ll be pleased to know there is.  The one thing everyone looks for online is information.  So if you can provide a site packed with free information on a niche topic, you could begin to generate an income stream every month.

Building And Getting Traffic To Monetize Information Websites


Building And Getting Traffic To Monetize Information Websites

Okay – what do I mean by a niche topic?  Basically, it’s something that appeals to a specific group of people – for example, gardening, writing, computing, cats, insurance, tax information, eBay, home brewing… the list is endless.
No doubt it’s reassuring to know you have endless subjects to choose from, but that can also make it difficult to know which one to pick.  For your first site, I’d recommend you pick a subject you know something about.  It should also be one you won’t have a lot of competition for, which means picking keywords that don’t turn up hundreds of thousands of results when you search for them using the Overture service.

Simply visit to use this free tool.
Registering a domain name for your site is an important step as you only get one shot at it – and you need to incorporate your keywords into it if at all possible.  Cheap domains are plentiful nowadays – try searching for hosting packages on Google to get the most competitive quotes.
So, if you’re going to set up a site containing information about widgets, you might use “free widget” or “where to buy” or “info on” for example.  You can put dashes in between the words if you wish.

Once you’ve got your name and your site hosting sorted, it’s time to get all the elements of your site together.  Ideally you’ll want to write your own articles as they will be completely unique, and you’ll be able to control the number of keywords and phrases that you put in to them.
You can use free downloads from article directories if you’re really stuck, but be aware that you will be required to keep the author’s resource box on there as well, which will advertise their site. The content won’t be unique to your site either; it could already have been published across the internet.

Okay.  You’re got your keyword rich domain name, you’re hosted and you have articles.  How is all that going to make you money?
It’s time to register at a couple of places that will make the cents start to roll in.
Firstly, sign up for a free Google Adsense account. This will enable you to put Google ads on your site, and every time one of your visitors clicks on one, you’ll get paid for it.  The great thing about Google Adsense is that it will automatically select adverts that are relevant to your site – so in our example you’d get adverts about widgets.

Next, sign up for a free Clickbank account.  This is a huge showcase for information products on virtually every subject under the sun.  Once you’ve registered, do a search for products about widgets and click on “create hoplink” to get your own unique affiliate link to include on your website.
You can either have a review page, where you write a short piece on each product and then link to it through your hoplink or have a recommended reading page with your links included.
As the traffic to your site increases you will start to earn some money with Google Adsense and also start to drive traffic to your Clickbank hoplinks, which in turn should start to generate a few sales – every one of which will earn you a commission.

You can also join the Amazon Affiliates scheme in order to promote relevant books and software they sell.  And if you want a chunk out of eBay (who doesn’t) join their scheme too.
This is all very well, I can hear you saying, but how exactly do I get that traffic you mentioned?
Well, the search engines love relevant keywords and phrases, so if you’ve built your site well and included lots of relevant targeted content, the search engines will start to pick up on it and push your site higher up in the search results.

But the best way you can give it a boost is by writing lots of relevant keyword rich articles and submitting them to the free article directories.  These allow you to add a resource box to the end of each article, with a link to your website.
Make sure you don’t promote your website in the article itself though.  Promotion of this type is not allowed.
Your site will develop slowly, but over time (and with regular submissions of articles to the directories) your traffic will increase, leading to more people clicking on your links and an increasing stream of revenue for you.
Now would be the time to get going on your second site…

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