Creative Business Online Tutorial - Understanding the Online Buying Market

Creative Business Online Tutorial -  Understanding the Online Buying Market

This guide gets your creative business a foot in the door of a trillion dollar market, gaining the kinds of profits and business credibility that not all online sites get. A creative business by definition seeks out all the ways to profit, and with trillions being spent across the world online, and only a few billion customers logging online to find the best deals, you’ve chosen well. In the beginning, I will offer the basics on understanding the online buying market.

Why people buy online

Deals! They find deals. Ever go to a store and see one item for twice what it is online? For example, go to a major video store, pick out a “cool” action movie, and then wait to buy it. Instead of buying it, I want you to go online and see the best deal on that movie. 9 times out of 10, you can find a far better deal for that movie, or whatever product, online. The competition is stiffer, but also the profit margin is higher. Online companies charge shipping, which is one reason they sell lower. One great example is buying from, a true social media/creative business site where products sometimes sell for pennies on the dollar. Better yet, Ebay offers used items usually for even less.
It’s the online revolution. There are other reasons people buy online: convenience … options … boredom. Just as infomercials stay in business, and have for decades, so will the creative online business.

Why you should sell online

The revolution is over. If you want to truly double or triple your profits, go online. It’s pretty simple. You may not double profits in the first year, but once you become a trusted seller of anything and get a reputation, whether it’s eBooks on business practices to Christian bibles with illustrations—profits will come. There is far less upkeep in keeping an online site, and it’s far easier to maintain an inventory. Brick and mortar stores are still popular, but they just can’t keep up. A buyer goes online knowing he can get just about anything he wants, without driving, spending less, and getting the product delivered to his doorstep.

What you need

The creative business online needs plenty of tools to really get going. Let’s look at the basics of an online business, with another example of the all-in-one seller They posted losses their first couple years, but, like Ebay, are one of the hottest sites online. What they did was: (1) create all kinds of opportunities for others to make money through them—equaling passive income, (2) offered prices far lower than major stores, and (3) built a diverse inventory which couldn’t be matched.
I have brought up some key subjects, the first of which I will tackle in my next Creative Business Online article. Passive income is the way to avoid working 80 hours a week as an entrepreneur, which isn’t rare at all.

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