Highly Profitable SEO Keyword Rich Websites, And Why They Work

Highly Profitable SEO Keyword Rich Websites, And Why They Work
This guide explains in detail the aspects of a highly profitable, SEO rich website for the B2B market. Creative businesses are going online more and more, and for good reason. It works! You get paid for purchase across the country without stocking major stores, for one, and going direct to a billion-dollar market. If you want to use develop a highly profitable SEO website, you must have a firm handle on what makes SEO so important for the creative business online market. This guide explains in detail how to use your understanding of SEO to not only profit but build a powerful website with continued growth.

SEO and Keywords:

Search engine optimized is simply the way you market your site with words. Pay Per Click (PPC) ads use only a sentence or two to grab a potential buyer … direct mail ads go into detail with long copy trying to sell beneficial products to consumers … and email campaigns often go right into potential buyer’s mailboxes with “must buys.” However, in the online world, SEO and keywords are far more important. You need landing pages to profit in the online B2B world, because more than any other market you constantly need to reach out to new clients. If you want to sell in volume, where the true B2B money often is, you need to dance with SEO.

Should You Hire a SEO Company?

Some B2B businesses succeed so well that they expect the money to keep coming in, only to see their search engine ranking go down and their profits cut in half. Other B2B businesses underestimate the importance of SEO keywords when they first start out, expecting clients to find their site via very specific searches or banner ads. The BEST way to market in any creative business category online is with powerful SEO keywords. It’s something professionals can help you with, so hiring an SEO company can make you more money than it costs. However, you want one that works for  you, so be as specific in searching out one who has worked with companies like yours before. You also want to consider the price you can afford; some SEO companies charge over $100/hour! For Small B2B businesses, this is far too much.

Doing it Yourself:

You can create SEO keywords yourself, and for small businesses this may be the way to go. However, as SEO is growing, more and more freelance writers and more specifically business writers are coming to understand SEO, you can often hire a talented SEO business writer for $40-50 an hour (sometimes even less), or pay them per project. It’s best to start small.
Now, if you do it yourself, which is possible if you are familiar with SEO and know its importance, carefully researching what competitors are doing can help you differentiate your business from theirs.

Why You Need SEO:

Search engine optimized … note the first two words. You need to be placed in search engines. That is an entire guide in itself. However, you also need specific SEO keyword use and to use social media tools to reach out to new clients.
Say you’re a small B2B. You’ve have no marketing plan but a small budget. You’re in a major market, and with big competitors who have highly successful brands. How do you stand out? Often your early customers won’t find your site because of the SEO you use; often you get them with simple PPC ads or email campaigns. An old rule of thumb for B2B websites is you have lots of competition with SEO, especially in the beginning, so you want to help buyers find your site. After time, however, you will be profiting from your use of SEO keywords.

Keyword Usage for High Payouts:

B2B is still a powerful market to tap into for SEOs, even with some many competitors. Often you will be working on a select group of keywords to truly bring in new and better buyers on the net. If you are selling office computers, you obviously would use keywords like “laptops” and “office computers,” but using the element of money in your  SEO creation is also important. That means “discount Dell laptops” and “discount desktop office computers.” You want to be more specific, which narrows you down; notice those keywords will still find the “laptop” and “office computer” searches, but by being specific you are gaining even more.

Backlinks for Profit:

The true power in the SEO world, and in deciphering search engines, is using backlinks. Backlinks are simply placements of your site on other sites or blogs. There are many other unique tools which could be brought up, but building a B2B business around dozens if not hundreds of backlinks can be highly profitable. Since you might be working with other online businesses, one simple way to create backlinks is with a “link exchange,” where you help them and they help you.

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