How To Make Money Online From Free Ebooks - The Complete Guide to Making Money Online

An often overlooked way to make money online is to write and distribute free ebooks.  With the Kindle and iPad revolution boosting readership of ebooks, this may well become a very powerful stream of income for intelligent writers and marketers who adopt this model effectively.  Many smart people are already jumping on this trend and seeing excellent results from giving away their ebooks.

How To Make Money Online From Free Ebooks - The Complete Guide to Making Money Online

There are many ways to profit from free ebooks.  And most of them are simple and easy to implement.  You may discover that the most difficult part is to overcome a natural reluctance to invest time and effort into creating an ebook simply to give it away.  But once you realize that by doing this you can actually make more money than by selling your work, you’ll quickly become excited about doing it more often and distributing it to many more people.

One approach is to write an ebook about a specific problem for which many people are desperately seeking a solution.  It may be a guide to school teachers showing them how to deal with inattentive or aggressive or distracted children.  Or it could be a manual for stock market investors teaching them how to pick winners.  Your ebook may teach first-time moms how to take care of a newborn infant.

Your free ebook should emphasize and intensify the biggest challenges or hurdles faced by people in these positions, like teachers and investors and new mothers.  You would focus the spotlight on their biggest concerns and worries that keep them awake late at night.  After drawing their attention to all the problems that could hurt them, you turn to offering them the ideal solution.

But don’t give away the complete solution in your free ebook.  That won’t make you any money.  What you should do instead is to invite them to buy another ebook or course that explains it all in greater detail.  Tell them what is included in that book and give them reasons to get a copy of it.  If you make a compelling case, you can get many readers to buy that ebook or course from you.

Another way to make money online from free ebooks is by giving away a recipe and selling the ingredients.  You could do this in the cooking niche by sharing a recipe for a delicious dish.  And the concept can be adopted in other areas too.  You can pick a topic where you are experienced and teach people how to get things done quickly and easily.  While your ebook gives away the system for free, you profit from selling readers the ingredients that are necessary to put your plan into action.  Your free ebook about building bird-houses could sell readers the materials and tools needed to construct one.

One more way you can make money online from writing and giving away a free ebook is to share success stories.  Everyone loves to hear about experiences others had with a product or service they have been curious about trying out.  You may focus on products like a vacuum cleaner or health food or holiday cruises, or services like carpet cleaning or landscaping.  As you narrate the experience of using that product or service, you subtly build up a desire in your reader’s mind to enjoy the same advantage or benefit.  That’s when you can sell them the product or service and make money online as an affiliate partner or referrer for sending new sales to the business.

There are many other ways to profit from giving away a free ebook.  By giving it some thought and using your creativity, you can no doubt come up with a few more ideas.
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