Importance of SEO B2B Research and Development

More than one person is usually involved in a B2B purchase. Often these people will research the purchase online. The majority of these will research that purchase with a search engine. Lastly, according to this research study in a recent B2B book, often they will go to manufacturer’s sites first, but then they buyers would still research via search engines.

Importance of SEO B2B Research and Development

What does that means for you? Buyers for B2B purchases are apt to find you if you understand the importance of SEO, making your site one of the big hits on Google. Even if you’re not ranked the highest, if you can focus on certain buyer keywords you can profit from SEO.

This guide explains in detail the advanced art of SEO B2B research and development, beginning with making a foothold in search engines.

Search Engines:

While search engines may seem simple to you, they are the best way sites are profiting across the net, especially sites with a  B2B focus. We know Google and Yahoo!, MSN and even AOL, so the next step is to use them to profit. For B2B purchases, if 93 percent are doing research via search engines prior to buying, you need a well placed site. That begins with simply submitting pages of your site to search engines. You want to be a brand name, but if you are just creating your B2B creative business online, you want to focus on the keywords of service.

Keywords of Service:

Keywords are the answer in terms of careful research. The next step goes over studying your competitor’s site, but using your own creative keywords is one powerful step toward B2B profits for your company in the short and long term. Here you don’t want to know, always, what your competitors are doing, but what your buyers are doing! For example, you might go to a site to see what keywords are hottest for businesses. You might research The New York Times Most Searched Words website, which encompasses the entire Internet, or focus on keyword rich business articles like this one being published online. The secret isn’t simply selling a unique product, but finding unique keywords to sell it in the first place


Now you do want to know what keywords your competitors are using. This is incredibly important in creating powerful SEO for your business. What are you looking for? In the beginning, you may look at the big companies in the field. If you’re offering broadband services to a local area dominated by  corporation, you could research their site. However, while this is good in differentiating your business from the big leaguers, you also want to know the small businesses in your field. These companies, local and privately owned, will often use very specific keywords to lure buyers via SEO. The best method is to see who will truly be your competitors, and that’s not always the biggest and most profitable company in your field.


One powerful tool of SEO building is developing an image, brand, and SEO website over time. You don’t have to get this all right on the first try. You will note certain services or products bring you more than others in the online world, while maybe other buyers of certain products like to stay local with other companies. SEO is important when developing your site over time more than anything else. Once you go into the advanced stages of SEO creation on your site, you can focus your keywords and build your presence on the Internet even more.

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