Importance of SEO Research Tools for Any Business Market

SEO research tools aren’t the most enjoyable part of your B2B or SEO business. For one, research takes you to the days of school where you went through one more line of algebra or geometry writing in notebooks and watching the clock. However, it’s also important. So how can you use simple SEO research tools? And why are they so important? Let’s begin.

SEO Research Tools

Importance of Power SEO:

Powerful SEO keywords can make or break you in the online market. You need to know, for one, not just what your customers are buying, but what pages of your site are “hottest,” creating more and more purchases in the B2B or B2C field. Of course you need to know conversions, but that is more or less built into your website. Conversions happen when you bring customers to your site, first, and then when your SEO copy is good enough to sell.

SEO Copy:

You might think this has nothing to do with research, but in fact it does! You want to know the sort of promises and offers your competitors are making, so you can offer something better in terms of price and/or benefits. SEO copy is simply the words you’re using to sell, and it takes a true business writer to create a bestseller. On the other hand, using Google is just as important.

Google and the Keyword Tools:

Two sites you will likely need to explore both come from Google. Google Analytics and Google Adwords Keyword Tool. The Keywords Tool gives you new ideas on using keywords, explaining in detail what’s hot for your market share. For example, if you use “Creative Business” you get the number of searches for the past two months.
Using Google Analytics is perhaps more important in understanding your business site. You find ways to increase conversions using Analytics.  You learn where your visitors are coming from, namely what search engines or backlinks, and even better you see what specific pages are “hottest” on your site.

Finding The Right Keywords:

There are dozens of services which offer similar services as Google, and using one keyword tool to find out hot keywords will work. However, to really narrow down specific keywords and make money online from your creative business, you need to explore multiple keywords. “Good Keywords” is one tool, SEO Book Keyword Tool and Overture two other popular ones. This is incredibly important because you can find out what keywords are overused, underused, and the ones used about average. You will be constantly honing your site, so don’t expect to get it perfect with keyword placement on the first try.

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