Major Search Engines Rules: The SEO B2B Company Page

If you are approaching the B2B market with an eye on profit, the online world and SEOs are the hallmark of developing new profit schemes. From passive income to direct income, B2B online is a huge field with the potential for doubling or even tripling profits. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, because SEO –search engine optimizing isn’t easy for any business.

Major Search Engines Rules: The SEO B2B Company Page

This guide explains the core rules of search engine marketing from top to bottom, with an eye on making creative businesses online money.

Keyword Usage and the SEO Game:

It’s dangerous to simply fill up a page with keywords. It won’t have the effect you might think. For one, search engines are penalizing creative business online more and more for spamming across the net. Even bloggers are feeling the pain of search engines like Google for doing spam posting (or paid posting) with no eye on improving the online world or offering a service. It comes down to clear copy first, not hundreds of keywords. Your pages will work for you better if you naturally let keywords into them, rather than forcing them into your pages.

Body Copy:

On SpiderFriendly.Co.Uk, marketers Irina Ponomareva and Dmitry Antonoff note there are many natural ways to add keywords into content. You might think this is wrong too, but search engines are based on keywords. It’s just their misuse which is dangerous. “The more often you use targeted keywords, the better your page will be ranked when a search on those keywords is made,? says Ponomareva and Atonoff.  You want to work on the keywords themselves, using unique searchable phrases.  Once your site becomes a success, it’s still important to study the way other pages are using keywords and keyword phrases. You will have to continuously adapt to continuously profit.

Backlinks To Your Website:

B2B and SEO do go hand in hand in many ways. Backlinks are actually dangerous for any business, but it’s a necessary risk for creative businesses online. Backlinks via other sites can help. This can be done simply by asking other businesses you work with to post a link to your page. It’s often as simple as that, and the way search engines work is this. The more backlinks you get, the higher your page ranking. It’s not the only cause of page ranking, but more often than not you will get more curious buyers to your pages.

Show Knowledge, Show Creativity, Make a Clear Offer:

Finally, your site must be interesting! What’s the point in spending all this money and time on a site when the copy is boring, there are no pictures, and you offer no informative articles? This can be solved simply by showing some business creativity. For B2B companies, the best rule is to be creative with much of your copy and articles, like giving clear reasons why your services are important.

However, you will not many businesses online - not to mention elsewhere - hide their prices. This is frustrating to your B2B potential clients; be clear with your offer and your price.  Some SEO writers come for high prices, but they can also bring you more profit. Some web designers come for high fees, yet create dynamic social media tools on your site. All of this is important.

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