Make Money Online with a Free Blogger Blog - How to Make Money Blogging

Blogger is a blogging host owned by Google which uses a name. Making money online with a free Blogger account has some advantages over other free blogging hosts, namely, Google Adsense. We’ll go over the basic ways you make money online with a  Blogger account in far more ways than simply Adsense, so keep reading.

Make Money Online with a Free Blogger Blog - How to Make Money Blogging

Make Money Online with a Free Blogger Blog - How to Make Money Blogging

Blogger Basics - Why It’s Powerful

Blogger is quite simple to use for any creative writer and creative bloggers. it offers many unique templates, you can post almost any kind of ad, and you can publish every single day of the week. Blogger blogs often get compared to WordPress ones, so let’s discuss that.

Blogger or WordPress?

Blogger is free much like blogs. Notice the .com on WordPress—WordPress.Org is designed for special domain names to be used. So Example. becomes  Typically, professional bloggers opt with buying a host service, using, and creating a powerful blog to make money online. You can make money online with Blogger too! You need no web domain or host. There are advantages to both, but for beginners Blogger is usually the best option, especially if you want blogging cash.

Blogger, Adsense, and Blogging Cash:

Adsense works seamlessly with Blogger blogs. Google owns both, so within a matter of seconds you can put Google Adsense on your blog. Some bloggers make good money doing this, but the reality is in the beginning your earning more pennies than dollars. Still, many professional bloggers like the simplicity and the keyword oriented ads with Adsense. You will make money, just not huge amounts. Where can you make big amounts online? Paid blogging and blogging jobs are the answer.

$50-100 a Post? Welcome to Paid Blogging:

Paid blogging is quite a dangerous game to play, yet its rewards are immense. What is “paid blogging”? It’s simply publishing sponsored posts on your blog, only you write them. Typically you’re writing a 100-200 word post on the advertiser’s product or service. Some of the best sites for this are Blogitive, Pay Per Post, Sponsored Review, and Loud Launch. There are dozens more, as this is a highly profitable field.
But what dangers are involved? Google gives you Google Page Ranking, and in short when you post paid posts often Google knows. Your ranking, which can be 0-10 depending on how popular your blog is, can be lowered by Google! Once they lower it, many sites will pay less for your paid posts. Some bloggers online have offered solutions to this problem, like using “no follow” tags into your paid posts, then asking Google to reconsider the page ranking.

Blogging Jobs - Experience Counts

A less dangerous way to make money online with Blogger is with blogging jobs. Write well, publish often, keep your blog going, and you’ll be close to a professional blogger with the writing skills and understanding. Once you’ve proven you can blog, you’re valuable to some companies who need bloggers. With one small blog, you can prove yourself.

Using Affiliate Marketing:

Last, but not really the last way to make money online with Blogger, is the big bang: affiliate marketers. Many bloggers swear by these, especially over other advertising accounts like Adsense, and often in combination with powerful, but easy money making strategies like Google Sniper, making even new bloggers able to gain first page rankings and dominate their niche, fast and easy!
Affiliate marketing revolves around working with companies like Commission Junction and ClickBank to earn money on referrals and leads. This can make you $1000 in a month, or $10. Combined with Adsense and the occasional paid post, affiliate marketing is a worthy addition to your blogging plan.


So where are we now? Or where are you with your blogging dreams? Blogger is often underrated online, but  many professionals love its seamless use and free domains. You can’t make money online with ads on, but you can with a free Blogger account. For beginners, it is better. For the experienced, it’s a route to more passive income.

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