Should You Hire a SEO Copywriter ? | SEO Copywriting

Should You Hire a SEO Copywriter ? | SEO Copywriting

Should you hire a SEO copywriter? It has often been said that content is king in the world of SEO, and to a certain extent, that is true.  Good content will lure more visitors - and keep more visitors, more importantly - than any amount of clever keyword usage.  But even if you have good, solid content, it may take a while for visitors to find it.  Unless, that is, your content is optimized for the best search engine results.

Now, if you are a skillful writer with a knack for turning a phrase, a good understanding of spelling and grammar, and a talent for making an article interesting, entertaining, and just plain fun to read, and if you also have a solid understanding of keyword density and know how to incorporate the maximum number of keywords and keyword phrases into an article without it becoming keyword-driven gobbledeygook, and if you also have the time to devote to writing daily or nearly-daily content for your website, then you have what it takes to write your own content, and you have no need to hire a copywriter to do it for you.

If, however, you aren’t too sure of you writing skills, or if you’re concerned about your ability to incorporate keywords into your articles, or if you plain don’t have the time, then it may be worth your while to at least look into hiring an SEO copywriter.

Once you’ve made the decision to hire a copywriter, you’ll still have to find one.  As with anything else available on the Internet, there are both excellent copywriters and lousy ones out there.

Whenever possible, ask to see samples of work.  Copywriting that is rife with grammatical errors is not worth the cost.  Remember, you want to hire someone who can write better content than you can.  If possible, get links to websites they’ve written copy for, and email addresses of people they’ve worked for.

If the copywriter has is just starting out or does only ghostwriting, they may not be able to give you links to websites they’ve written for.  They should still be willing to show you a sample of their work, but you should always assume that their sample will be their very best work, and other work may not be quite as good.

Word-of-mouth is still one of the best ways to find a good copywriter, even in this electronic age.  If you know a webmaster who uses one or two copywriters and is extremely satisfied with them, ask him or her for their email adresses, and contact them to see if they would be interested in writing for you.  Sometimes they will be; sometimes they will be too busy.  Good copywriters are always in demand.  They may, however, be able to recommend another copywriter; it never hurts to ask.

Once you’ve found a copywriter, you will still have to negotiate a price with them.  Optimized content is at a premium right now, and a good copywriter will often charge you pro rates ($0.03-$0.10 per word) for their work.  Some may be willing to work for less if you contract a certain number of articles with them (usually 5-10 or more).  Alternately, consider hiring a copywriter who is just trying to break into the field.  Their work is often as good as an established copywriter’s, but they will charge slightly less.

Clear communication is the most important part of working with a copywriter.  You must be able to spell out exactly what you want in an article, or you may find yourself with discontent and resentment on both sides.  Specify which keywords or keyword phrases you want the article to include, but—especially if you’re shelling out the cash for an experienced copywriter—be open to suggestions from your copywriter.  They keep a finger on the pulse of search engine optimization; it’s their job.

Once you’ve found a copywriter, make the effort to develop a good, solid business relationship with them.  A good copywriter is worth their weight in gold, and chances are, if you want to keep visitors coming back to your site, you’re going to need fresh content before too long.

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