Student of the Blog - Learning to Make Money Online

The phrase “work from home” comes to mind. “Online platform” sounds new, but it’s the new tag word for writers on the internet. Blogging is there, on the horizon, where you can make money online without being crammed into a cubical. You can make much more, working from home, if you do it right. However, a student of the blog sees there are many lessons to be learned first. This blogging career is just as much a journey as becoming a novelist, if not more so. You learn something every day, though you might not make blogging cash every day. During your dark days and your bright ones, you will see a career.  To study for a blogging career isn’t like taking a class; you can learn it much faster.

Student of the Blog - Learning to Make Money Online

This article provides a road map to preparing for a successful blogging career, by learning how to make money online from the beginning.

Writing 101:

You need a writing style for this work from home career. It doesn’t have to be up there with the likes of Ernest Hemingway, but it does need to be distinctive. You’ll develop that by writing tons of posts and asking for feedback; this is a proving ground for any writer. Many sites even offer blogging writers critiques, where you can learn more about writing than on any one article. One site of note to do this on is called Urbis, where a whole community of writers and bloggers share ideas, articles, and news. In any business field, however, talent is often less important than learning. A student of the blog can see that writing is just another tool for finding ways to make money online. This work from home career means writing does come first, but a different kind of writing

Blogging 101:

You will need to know keywords; know how to research niche topics; and decide which topics are most valuable to you. These are the basics. Blogging is a far different kind of writing, where money comes faster the quicker you learn. For example, a masterful magazine writer might not become a successful blogger. It takes a lot of patience, and he/she might quit before the success comes. Yet profitable blogging is a lucrative online career. Once you see that keywords, for one, are needed instead of flashy adjectives, you have a better chance.

Make Money Online Beginnings:

Day 2, and you have had five readers so far. Where is the money supposed to come from? Why do others make more money? They learned to make money online the tough way; for you, it doesn’t have to be that way. For one, learn from their mistakes. Build a network of bloggers whom you can chat with. These are your connections in the online world-and you will need them. You can find top bloggers everywhere, on just about every major forum or group, including sites pandering to online careers, work from home opportunities, and ways to make money online. Some are better than others. For all three of these, there will be plenty of bloggers. Blogging is a true beginner’s trade, where more and more are jumping on.

“Beginning bloggers make nothing.” It has been said, and is somewhat true. You are still in the beginning stages, learning the basics of this journey toward success. If your blog is successful, however, you could be earning ad revenue within weeks. You could also take your pick of what “Paid Post” sites to use, because if your blog is successful, they will want to pay you. Why? Good writers are harder to come by on the net than you may think, and that’s all the more true for bloggers. You still need to stand out from the pack as an accomplished student of the blog. Another lesson to learn is the strategy of multiple blogs.

Trying out Several Blogs:

Some topics have been covered by dozens, or hundreds, of other bloggers. Does the internet world need another horror blog with an odd name and racy pictures? Do we really need the latest on the pop-diva-breakdown? If you study the blogging world, you will see many build their online careers on the right niche topics. The right niche for you could go into thousands of fields. In the beginning, branch out as much as possible, seeing what readers like from you. You are learning.  As you go from site to site promoting your small blog (s), and trying to make money online, you will be find what works.

Seeing What Works:

Other bloggers will come up with flashy titles, cool pictures, and get hits via search engines more than you. All you have is a few, basic “beginner” blogs. Learn from them; you are a beginning blogger and your readers want more. It’s sad, but good pictures and interesting titles are a path to make money online. You will see what works mostly when you get “repeat visitors.” Repeat visitors are your bread and butter; they tell you if the blog is on the right track. You will see what works as a student of the blog. If you do, making money online is only a matter of time.

Student of the Day:

Become an “internet junkie.” It will make you a successful blogger. What I mean is to keep posted on all the major happenings on the net, from paid blogging news, to topics that focus on your niche topics. For example, if you have a book blog, the site “Salon” should be checked out frequently. If you have a blog on jewelry, build a network of jewelry blogs you can visit, getting news on upcoming products. You don’t have to do this every day; you can take a few hours every Friday and Monday. This is the best crash course for learning not only writing blogging articles but choosing the topics for them.

Learning Never Ends:

So you have a couple blogs planned in your head. Maybe you have a film blog, a blog on jewelry, and one on collecting. There you have it: three niche topics for an online platform. You will still be a student-even a year later-because as the internet changes and grows there will be new ways to make money online from your blog. Learning never ends.

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