The Importance of Search Engines for Research and Buying: SEO And Google

Search engines are, to use a cliché, the bread and butter of thousands of successful B2B companies. While it’s also obvious business to customers is worth billions in the online marketplace, this article focuses on the important of SEO B2B search engine research, and how it will almost always lead to more sales. SEO is incredibly important in getting this to work, and with search engine databases getting tens of thousands of new pages every day, it becomes clear you must dance with Google.

The Importance of Search Engines for Research and Buying: SEO And Google

Google and Research:

Google is the #1 search engine online. It’s the first place many small business owners look to for more customers, either in the B2B or B2C markets.  Google has many free tools for search engine marketing, mainly with just submitting your site to Google. You can also research powerful keywords on the site. For instance, if you run a political consulting site, you might consider the words “Obama” or “Bush,” and then see the SEO power of each word on Google. You do this by using Google Adwords, where you can research what keywords are hot. Obviously, you’ll get millions of posts, so you need to keep using Google Adwords to create unique “keyword phrases.” Most B2B potential clients will use specific phrases to find other creative businesses to work with, and most will use Google to do just that. Google is the most powerful, free tool you can work with to build up your site, but there are some dangers.

SEO Damage: Researching Results

On, SEO marketer Irina Ponomareva notes that SEO can actually sometimes hurt you! Isn’t that odd? However, when it hurts a business SEO work is obviously trying to position itself on the market in a dishonest way: hiding keywords, overusing keywords, buying thousands of textlinks on other sites. However, Ponmareva also notes sometimes “The borderlines are hard to detect” when SEO marketing. The best definition of quality SEO is when it’s adding something to the internet, not creating more of the same.  SEO work on your website won’t be damaging if you’re careful and ethical. Don’t practice dishonesty in the SEO world.

SEO Page After SEO Page:

Each page of your B2B company website is quite important and powerful. Yes, SEO is the way to go today, but the art is sometimes lost in the thousands of articles on the subject, the thousands of companies offering services, and the variety of SEO pages online. You start your creative business online not with keywords and powerful SEO catch phrases, but with making promises, showing proof, creating a clear picture, making a unique seller proposition, and then not hiding the fact you’re making an offer as well. These are the hallmarks of successful marketing in any form, print or SEO web pages.

Now, for your SEO pages, often B2B businesses will try and create the same keywords on dozens of pages across the site. They use only one or two keywords on the site, or focus every page on one sell. Google and other search engines work best with a variety of keywords: each page should have some unique keywords. Why do that? You get more visitors looking for different things. Often it’s not about selling different items, but repositioning them with unique words. Book becomes novel, movie becomes film, collecting becomes doll collecting, vehicle become minivan, printer becomes HP Office Printer.

Originality in Research, and Your Competitors:

You want to know what your competitors are doing too; this gives you ideas on new keywords to use. You want to position your SEO pages with unique keywords, lest you become the secondary business simply copying another business. You must create original SEO copy on each page. You will often use similar keywords, but if you know what your top competitors are using in terms of keywords, it places the power of SEO in your hands to open up a new set of keywords. Once your SEO pages are done, you will note success or failure. You might not get it done the first time, yet the beauty of the online world is you can try as many times as you like. And rarely will no profit come from a B2B SEO page with unique keywords, using the hallmarks of SEO copywriting.

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