The Importance of SEO for B2B Creative Business [Basics]

The Importance of SEO for B2B Creative Business [Basics]

Why use SEO for your creative business?

This series focuses on selling for the B2B market, a billion dollar field online.
Another question: Why go online with your B2B creative business?

Here’s food for thought. In a recent book called “The Role of Search in Business to Business Buying decisions,” which was quoted on, a huge amount of creative businesses researched online before making a purchase. They needed a product or service, and over 90% of them looked to the internet! That’s a number you can profit from.

This guide focuses on that study and more to show you the importance of SEO B2B marketing, one of the most profitable fields for creative businesses offering products and services. Your business needs to go online—that’s not news—but it also needs SEO marketing to truly make money online.

Business to Business Basics:

Business to business is simply a term designed for different companies working together. That’s simple, but what’s not is how the exchanges are made. Often companies are looking to profit both ways; one company wants to sell a service to another, the company buying the service intends to increase profits. Essentially, it’s all about profiting, but in different ways.

Creative Businesses Online:

Positioning yourself in the online world is one of the wisest moves you can make. For creative businesses going online should be the #1 goal - most of the time. Some products or services don’t translate as well into the online world. Yet there are so many that do! Even food and medicine purchases, so common at super markets and drug stores, are increasing. Perishable foods, for one, are an example of a market you might not want to tap. But since we’re talking about the B2B market, you’re more focused on harnessing SEO to make money online.

The Make Money Online Basics:

Making money online comes in many varieties. For example, if you have a blog on some niche topic, say films, you might use Amazon Associates or to get commissions on buys from films you review; with a few clicks you make money online. This blog, whether you want to call it a business or not, is profiting from another site. That’s classic B2B.

Key Placement of Keywords - The SEO In Action:

SEOs are incredibly important in the online world, as are RSS feeds. Both used together mean you make money online. In the B2B market, you’re offering a product or service. A freelance writer offers articles for online publication … a web marketing whiz sells his direct response web design services … a foreign oil company offers to sell discounted oil to American companies. These all make money, and need distinct, powerful keywords. SEO-search engine optimized is a term which has become a blossoming industry in the past decade. Often people unsure of their writing will fill pages full of keywords hoping to make more money. Volume is good, but so is quality, and you want specific placement of keywords.

Selling - volume or quality?

Volume is good for keywords, but the general rule is about 5-10 percent of  your text is keyword rich, sometimes a bit less and sometimes more. For B2B marketing, you often have more time to sell your product or service, especially if you’re offering an incredible deal. Business owners are more than patient if you can make them more money, and that’s the purpose of B2B marketing.

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