Importance of Social Media SEO For B2B Creative

With blogs being literally read by hundreds of millions, and millions creating more blogs every year, social media is perhaps the biggest change in the creative business online marketplace in the past years. Social media, in short, sums up a more user friendly interface for internet surfers. So how does SEO come into social media? Both social media and SEO can help any marketing area. This guide stresses the importance of the combined SEO social media effort for creative businesses online.

Social Media is Hot. Why?

Yes, social media is perhaps outgrowing itself. With writers making money off blogs, marketers getting free publicity, even businesses using simple social media tools to publish press releases across the net for free, the main point here is profit. While the internet age won’t likely destroy brick-and-mortar establishments selling products and services, it is becoming the first place people go to be informed. In the business to business selling field, many recent studies have noted the rise in businesses not only going only, but also going online first. If you need something immediately—a piece of information or even a price for a product/service—people are more apt to go online than to the library. Instead of going local, businesses are going online to save money.

Social Media Informs:

Continuing the previous thought, we now know social media is  a place to find information. But that’s not the main point of difference. People can go anywhere online and get information. That’s where SEO social media comes into play. You have a site selling some computer service to major companies, perhaps keeping their databases free of viruses. Yet creative businesses online are also informing at the same time. Why? If you’re an expert on something, you can increase profits by not only selling but by doing things like writing how-to guides.

Social Media Sells:

Still, you will want to make money online, and in the beginning offering articles and depending on advertising revenues could be slow. That’s where SEO blogging comes into play. You use your informing to also sell a product or service. Why do this? By becoming an expert in a certain field, you become more trusted and more valuable to other businesses. If you type of a SEO blog post well, using keywords related to your product/service, it will inevitably lead to notice from other businesses. This is almost free advertising in the B2B market.


Where do you go to find all of these tools? While this isn’t part of the SEO social media importance, it’s still a crucial step which needs to be addressed. Your main focus early on depends on the social media idea you have. Social media in B2B is most famous with blogging. If you run a blog, you almost have to submit to major blogging directories and submit your blog posts to sites like to gain more readers.

Social Media Makes Selling Easier:

Finally, let’s look at an obvious point, but one you may not have thought about. Since social media means a new, easy interface for online users, that includes buying! For instance, major credit card company Paypal has cornered the market on making payments to companies online. Simply adding “buy” features to your website eases the entire process of selling. You get your money immediately, which makes selling far easier.

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